Youth Improv!

Taught by Christine deSimas

Ages 10-17
Sundays 10-11 AM
OCT 20 – DEC 8, 2019

Jumping into the unknown has never been so fun. Improvisation is arguably THE most important skill to have as an actor. It opens you up, gets you to let go of fears and finds your inner genius and hilarity. Over the course of these eight weeks, we will begin to put more trust in our instincts, grow as actors and see what happens when we learn to let go and just go for it. By understanding the basic premise of improv that “there are no mistakes, there are only opportunities”, these actors will gain confidence in everything they do going forward as they laugh, bond, and take risks together.

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About Christine deSimas:

Christine has been directing and performing in theater for over 30 years. A graduate of SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelors of Science degree in Musical Theater, she is thrilled to come back to her roots with teaching. Her passion for both performing and directing has been a deep part of her from a very early age performing as a kid in Brooklyn, NY.  Christine’s decades of theater experience include NYC cabaret shows, acting, singing, cast recordings, showcases, improv, character study, theater history, directing, lighting, scene design, sound engineering, teaching at the renowned Count Basie Center for the Arts and mom-ing three young kids, two of which share her passion for theater. It is a thrill to be given the platform to share both these skills and passion with others and by using theater, show them how incredibly creative they are!  Her mission is to use theater to help children own their voice, doubting less and trusting their own instincts, giving them greater confidence on-stage and off!

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